December 2017

5 Ways to Cut Your Moving Costs

Moving Costs ~ Wissel Homes

Moving day is always exciting. It’s new beginnings and unfortunately, can mean new unexpected costs when things do go smoothly. Here are some tips and ideas to plan your move as inexpensively as possible. Moving almost always means money out…

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November 2017 Maryland Housing Numbers Released

MD Realtors Logo ~ Wissel Homes

The Maryland  Association of Realtors® (MAR) has released their Housing Statistics for the Month of November 2017. The statistics – provided by the Coastal Association of Realtors® (CAR) and MRIS – show that inventory represented in active inventory and months…

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How to Winterize Your Home Move

Winter Moving ~ Wissel Homes

While the real estate market slows in winter, it doesn’t ever really stop. If you’re shopping for a home right now you need to consider some of the issues that can arise when is gets cold and snowy. After all,…

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4 Ways to Pay off Your Mortgage Fast

Mortgage Pay Off ~ Wissel Homes

A mortgage loan is the single largest debt many will ever owe. Imagine the freedom if you didn’t have one. We brought some expert insight into how you can pay your home off early, and some thoughts on why you might…

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