4 Easy Ways to Live Better this Spring


The Spring is a great time for new beginnings and new habits. In fact, it’s a better time to make lifestyle changes than the winter is. We all want to live better. It can be hard to know how to make that happen though. 

Fresh air and sunshine are a great cure for seasonal affectedness and lethargy. Improving your outlook and mood can be as simple as opening up your windows and doors. If you want to live better, we have four simple suggestions that you can do to feel better and live better.

Do these four things and we promise: you’ll feel better, be more energized, improve your mood and even sleep better. 

Live Better Tip #1: Visit the Farmers Market

Make farmers market shopping a weekly habit or appointment. Take you family or a friend. 

You’ll get the chance to try the many offerings of local purveyors. You can use it as an opportunity to “test drive” any one of the local CSA’s that often use farmers markets as pickup locations. Try some local honey, wine, produce and more while you’re getting a nice walk. What’s not to like? 

Many of the stands use organic farming methods for their produce. If that appeals to you, a farmers market can be much more affordable than your grocery store to buy organic. 

We have some really great farmers markets in the area. You need only ask your local chamber of commerce and they’ll tell you where there is one. In our Central Maryland Market area we are also fortunate that we have farmers markets during the weekend and weekdays. There’s no excuse not to go. 

Live Better Tip #2: Go to a Wildlife Reserve or Park

Just get yourself into the natural environment. Spring is a great time to go exploring – before bugs and heat become too oppressive. Being out in nature is a great way to recharge and stay energized. 

We have lots of free parks in our region. You don’t even need to go off the trail if you so choose Many include wide and accessible walking trails… perfect for strollers, bikes and wagons. 

There are just too many area parks and wildlife areas in Central Maryland to count. Take your pick. Do you want historic significance, historic homes on premises, or the relaxing sounds of moving water? Some are more manicured, while others more wild and natural.

You’re bound to find a park – or several – that matches up to you desires.

Live Better Tip #3: Have Fun with Spring Cleaning

Take a few weeks to declutter and clean your home. Airing out your home can decrease dust and dander, not to mention making your place smell better. Fresh oxygenated air can make you more productive and feel better. 

Organize storage areas and spots with clutter. Add some new organizers or storage shelving to keep it clean once it’s done. Remove anything that makes your space feel cluttered. Try to decorate with seasonally appropriate items. It’s a great time to add plants and fresh flowers to your space. They will encourage you to go out even more. 

When you’ve sorted through your “junk”, consider selling things of value on local yard sale sites or host one of your own. Set a goal and reward yourself with something new with the proceeds. It’s a way to motivate your de-cluttering and Spring cleaning. 

Live Better Tip #4: Cultivate a Garden

It’s a great time to plant things. If you have space in your yard to grow a garden – be it flowers or vegetables – now is the best time to get it in the ground. Take some time to plan what you want and how much time you can devote to it. 

There is nothing sadder than a forgotten garden left to dry out or become weed covered. And it doesn’t help you curb appeal one bit.  

A garden doesn’t even have to take up a whole lot of space. If you have a doorstep and space for a flowerpot, you have space for a garden. There are lots of inexpensive and attractive pots that can dress up an entryway or soften the hard lines of a porch.

Flowers, herbs, vegetables and even certain shrubs can be grown in containers. Potted plants of all sorts make a wonderful small garden. They’re also a great way to add some additional interest to an existing garden, or add some color to your doorstep. 

Live Better in Springtime

Getting outside is a great way to feel healthier and to improve your outlook. Interacting with your neighbors and your community is a great way to stay connected. 

However, you have our sympathies if you suffer from allergies. It can be a brutal time of year when the pollen count is ridiculous. Check with your physician so that you don’t let those seasonal sniffles get in the way of the great outdoors. 


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