5 Simple Tips to Sell Your Home (Faster) this Winter


No on wants to be selling your home in winter, but the Home market doesn’t shut down. It might seem that everyone is hibernating, but home shoppers are still out there in the colder months. Here are few tips for making your listing stand out.

After all, the quicker you can sell your home, the better.

Traditionally the market is slower in the holiday and winter months. The Spring market brings an influx or homes and buyers. But life moves on, and people get transferred, estates need to get unloaded and homes need to sold.

Today we’ve got five easy ways that you can increase your chances of getting a buyer, and keeping them in your home longer so than can appreciate it as much as you do.

1. Stay Warm

This is not the time to save a few bucks on your heating bill. You want to create a feeling of welcoming warmth and you can’t do that with a chilly house.

If the home is vacant, you might consider keeping the heater on a timer so the property is warm during showing times. It can make sense to keep your home lower at night but warmer during the day.

Another thing to think about is that an unheated home is a potential can of worms if a pipe bursts. Keep it warm, avoid problems. Those extra few dollars in heating bills will be worth it.

2. Lighten Up

It’s even more important to make sure each room is well-lit during the darker winter months. Table and standing lamps are quick fixes for a dim room.

Timers here can be a big help. You can set timers to come on if you are away, or just leave the lights on home during the day. Good lighting can make a grey or cold room feel warmer in color and mood, which will create better first impressions.

3. Highlight Seasonal Features

Build a fire. Arrange some plush throws and fluffy cushions on the sofas in your finished basement. If your home has features that make it a cozy place to spend the winter, be sure to highlight them.

Have a gas fireplace, hot-tub or outdoor firepit? Leave instructions for home viewers so they know how to turn it on – if it can be done easily.

Is a snowblower part of your inclusions? Show it off in the garage. The goal is to highlight your home’s ability to be great in any season.

4. Show Off Your Landscaping – In photos

Selling your home in winter means your buyers aren’t going to see it in its summer or spring peak. Help prospective buyers look beyond winter’s snowy or brown lawn, and envision the property in warmer months. Display photos of the house taken when things were green and blooming.

Make a few flyers, frame some pictures to leave on the dining room table or a photo album and leave them out (and open) where buyers are sure to see them.

You’d be surprised how many home buyers want to know what kind of garden they are buying. Is it extensive, is it manicured, does it look stunning in spring? These are all things a buyer wants to know.

Showing off pictures of your gorgeous garden beds helps them imagine living there and experiencing that joy as well.

5. Clear The Way To A Sale

Make sure the driveway, walkways and porch are safe and free from snow and ice. It’s not going to help you if someone falls trying to get in or can’t even reach the front door.

It make sound funny but it happens more than you imagine. Some sellers might not have considered that buyers might not have snow boots on, or be prepared to trudge through snow to get up the stairs.

If you’re unable to, or are away from your home, it’s worth setting up an arrangement with a neighbor or company to clear walkways around the house.

Don’t forget to shovel your deck and patio so buyers can walk out and imagine enjoying them in warmer times.


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