6 Secrets to a Great Spring Lawn


Springtime means gardens and flowers. For many homeowners that means getting their lawn in shape too. Just a few easy spring lawn steps taken now, means the faster you can start sipping summer drinks.

We’ve got 6 tips and tricks – lawn care secrets if you will – to make sure your spring lawn is in the best shape. You’ll ensure that your lawn is lush and ready to go for the season and into the heat of summer.

Lawn Secret tip #1 ~ Fertilize, Fertilize… and Pretreat

There are a variety of lawn fertilizers out there to feed your lawn after its long winter’s nap. If you like seeing your lawn three shades of green darker than your neighbor, you need to feed it. 

Pre-emergents are a two-for-one product that includes fertilizer and weed preventer. That ensures that your beautifully lush and green lawn isn’t covered in dandelions.

If you like organic foods and want your lawn to stay the same way, there are a number of options available for you today. After all, many pets can’t go on lawns treated with chemicals safely. Ask your local nursery specialist. Or, you can do a Google search for Corn Gluten Meal for your lawn. Corn Gluten Meal prevents the germination of weed seeds. It also is high in nitrogen acting as a natural, organic fertilizer. You’ll be able to cut down on weeds without harmful poisons. 

Lawn Secret tip #2 ~ Dethatch Your Lawn

Thatch is the dried remains of dead grass. Lawns do well with less than a ½ inch of thatch, but will begin to suffocate if there’s too much. Dethatch to rid your lawn of dying or dead grass. 

A sturdy rake is often all you need to get the job done, but if you have a large yard or a lot debris (more than 1 inch of thatch), consider using a power rake. Dethatching can be rough on your lawn so make sure to do it in early spring to allow the grass to recover properly.

Lawn Secret tip #3 ~ Aerate In Late Spring

Grass grows better in soil that isn’t compacted down. Aerating your lawn loosens up the dirt and provides air and room for necessary nutrients to deeply penetrate the soil. There are many different tools on the market to help you aerate, the most popular one is the gas-powered aeration tool that leaves small tubes of soil all around the lawn. For smaller lawns, you can use manual push aerators or even aeration shoes that attach to your footwear. If you choose to aerate, be sure to do so in late spring so your lawn can heal before the arrival of summer. 

Some of these measures, like aeration and dethatching take a bit of effort, but they’re well worth it in creating a lush, green lawn.

Lawn Secret tip #4 ~ Seed Your Lawn & Check for Bare Patches

Winters can be tough on lawns, and grass seeds don’t always survive the winter season. If you see thin or bare spots that were created by winter storms, you’ll need to replant. 

Simply loosen up the soil with a rake and sprinkle grass seed to the affected area. Be sure to water the area regularly to make sure that the seedlings take to the ground. Also, be sure to clear your lawn of any winter debris or fallen limbs that may hinder grass growth.

A secret many experienced lawn gurus have told me is to overseed your lawn in the spring to encourage a lush grass cover. 

Lawn Secret tip #5 ~ Mow Early

It’s time to break out the mower. Just don’t wait too long. Letting the grass grow too long can cause stress and potentially damage the grass seed. On the other hand, you shouldn’t cut the grass too short; grass seed does best when a mow takes no more than 1/3 of the total grass height off. 

If you aren’t sure what height to mow at, consider doing a first mow at a higher cut level to get a good feel for what length your lawn would do best at. A healthy height is around 3″. Check the suggested mowing heights for the grass seed variety in your lawn as they differ.

Lawn Secret tip #6 ~ Sharpen Your Mower Blades

Believe it or not just because your blades cut grass doesn’t mean they are sharp. A dull mower blade results in the grass leaves sticking upwards. This can cause the grass to become brown. A sharp blade will sever the blade cleanly, eliminating this problem.

Proper lawn preparation in Spring will prepare your lawn for a vibrant growing season. With a little bit of extra care this time of year your lush lawn will be ready for outdoor living.


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