Find Your Maryland Schools Star Report Rating


Have you heard about the Maryland Schools Star Report yet? Maryland has debuted a new school accountability system that gives parents, students and teachers a way to easily tell how well their school is doing. 

Schools are a big consideration for many families who are buying or selling their home. Dare we say its one of the first things many home shoppers start their search with. 

Find your school’s Star Rating here: Maryland Schools Star Reports

What Makes A Maryland School Star Report Rating?

First, every public school in the state is assigned a rating. It is based on several factors: academic achievement, school quality and student success, English language proficiency, academic progress, graduation rate, readiness for postsecondary success. 

Some factors that impact a schools star rating include: English language proficiency for English Learners, chronic absenteeism, preparation for postsecondary success, access to a well-rounded curriculum and graduation rate.  In the coming years, it will include the results of a student and faculty survey.

Schools receive points based on their results on the performance indicators. Educators and parents will be able to view a brief summary of performance by looking at a school’s Star Rating. The rating tallies the school’s total earned points percent and issues a rating from 1 to 5 stars.

The percentile ranking shows how a school performed in comparison to other schools in the category. To find a schools Total Earned Points Percent divide the total possible points into the points earned across the measures.

An Upgrade & Replacement to No Child Left Behind

Our new Maryland Report Card comes from the ESSA accountability plan. It represents a quantum leap from previous versions of the Report Card in place for the past two decades. The changes were signed into law in 2015 and set in motion by the passage of the Federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). ESSA succeeded the No Child Left Behind Act in governing state school improvement plans.

The Report Card can help parents and stakeholders ask questions of school and district leaders. They can ask better questions about their plans to improve the results. For state and district leaders, the Report Cards for schools and districts provide better information. This can enhance the distribution of resources and added supports where they are most needed.

You can find out more about Maryland Education and the new Maryland Schools Star Reports at their website: