Here Are The Best Home Colors for 2018


Choosing home colors is as much of an art as it is a science. Trends change and evolve. Home features that appealed to buyers in the 80’s or 90’s don’t today. Home colors are the same way. 

This year’s trendy colors are split between edgy and hip or classic and comfortable. It may feel unimportant, but it we can tell you from experience that buyers judge a home based on a $30 can of paint. 

Look at any home shopping show and you’ll see buyers disqualify homes that have bad paint colors. They just can’t see past it. 

I have a degree in art from one of the country’s best art colleges. We studied color in depth. Color theory isn’t new. Certain colors can illicit an emotional response from viewers. 

Colors can make a room feel larger, or smaller. They can feel restive or chaotic. Choosing the right paint colors to refresh your home before putting it on the market is an important step. 

Selecting the right colors can help bring in buyers and bigger, better offers from individuals who want to live your lifestyle. Here are 2018’s best home colors.

Mellow Yellows

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A hue that’s really hot right now is a soft buttery yellow. It has a classic Nantucket beach vibe. We’re not talking about a vibrant or day-go yellow. 

Bright, full chroma yellows can be off-putting and feel a little like a crayon box or day-care facility –in a bad way…

A very light yellow, again like butter, is a color that appeals to a large segment of buyers. It can make a room feel warm and inviting. Combined with an off-white or bone color for trim color, yellow can look classic and timeless. 

50 Shades of Greige

grieve home colors ~ Wissel Homes

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Grey is incredibly hot right now.  And for good reason. Almost any shade of grey, from a very light grey to a darker slate grey can be applied with great success in unifying a home. 

Greige is the host of greys mixed with the last decade’s most popular color beige. Adding beige to a light and colorless grey can warm the tone up and make the room feel more inviting. 

A soft subtle grey combined with ultra-white trim can make a home look timeless and stately. P.S. Grey is Gray. Depending upon who you ask, grey can be spelled gray. Neither is incorrect. 

If you’re on the fence about color and can’t make up you mind, go with light grey. Grey is the perfect neutral color that goes with almost any interior and appeals to the largest swath of buyers. 

Seaside Retreat Colors

coastal home colors ~ Wissel Homes

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Beach style is popular because it too appeals to a large number of buyers. Light blues, washed out limes, aquas and – dare I say it – even teal all work in harmony in a coastal theme. 

These colors should be applied with a little caution and a word of advice. If you’ve seen a coastal palate of color and responded to it, I guarantee that there was a lot of white as well. To make these colors work their best they need to be accent colors with bright white. 

The biggest take-away from a coastal theme is lighter and softer. Painting a Caribbean green or sea-foam green (this author’s least favorite color) can do more damage than good. 

Blues are popular with a large amount of buyers. It’s why they show up year after year amongst the trendy colors. From navy blue to light baby blue, these tones are viewed as soothing by many. In the right room, they can look sharp and polished. 

Paint it Black

black home colors ~ Wissel Homes

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Matte black comes and goes on the trend spectrum. It can look awful, or awesome. A contemporary home, or one with lots of contrast can be the perfect place for a matte black. 

Black can be dramatic, and it can add an edgy or hip vibe to a unique space. Combined with warmer naturals like wood or even greys and stone, black could be just the accent you’re looking for. 

Black is a very polarizing color in homes. It either looks perfect or you walk in and ask yourself “what was this homeowner thinking”. Not exactly what you want a buyer to think. Because if they feel a seller has made one bad decision, they might start to question everything else. 

From the inside out, make use of these on-trend colors in your home to capture the attention and imagination of potential buyers. When buyers see a palette in your home they’ve only seen in magazines, its value (and your decorating cache) could get a big boost.

Green with Envy

dark blue-green home colors ~ Wissel Homes

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Green is popular and brings with it the same cautions of black and seaside colors. A dark blueish-green is increasingly popular. Green can help buyers feel connected to the environment and grounded to the space.

Green can be calming and restive. It can give buyers an impression of focus, intellectualism and even opulence. It doesn’t hurt that green is the color of money. 

A dark blue-green can be seen as avant-garde and hip. It can be paired with the colors above or it can help accent colors like coral or even a red in unique circumstances. 

Classics Never Go Out Of Style 

When giving advice to buyers on colors for their space, we say time and time again that classics never go out of style. It’s true because it is – they don’t. You can never go wrong with classic looking color and styling. 

Many of the colors that are on trend right now are either very classic or hip and edgy. 

I think when choosing color it’s important to be aware of what kind of home you have. If you have a traditional colonial then you might not want to go edgy and dramatic. If you have a urban loft or midcentury space, going with beige might not be your best option. 

Selling a home – and selling real estate in general – is about selling a lifestyle. You are looking to attract buyers who want to live your perceived life. 

Think About Your Potential Buyers

Consider the price point of your property. Identifying where potential buyers are in their home journey can give you a lot of information on which way to go. 

If your home is a starter home, young and hip is going to appeal to more. If your home is in a second home price range, then you might want classical and stately colors. 

Like paint, all of these things are subtle but can really move a home fast. If it feels overwhelming, ask your agent. We have counseled numerous homeowners on color choices for their home. Sometimes we even bring paint samples with us. 

Painting your home can help make you more money when you sell. But it’s more than that. It can improve your quality of life while you are currently there. Painting your home the right colors is important whether you want to sell or not. 


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