Mega Millions Contest Rules

The Official Unofficial Rules…

Wissel Homes Mega-Millions Contest Participation Rules and Notices

No Purchase Necessary – Void where Prohibited – Must be Legal resident and 18+ to Win. 

These are short and almost pointless but we’re putting them here just in case. 

By participating in this contest you authorize Wissel Homes or its representatives to speak on your behalf and act as your representative in claiming said prize. Wissel Homes reserves the right to change these contest rules without notice, and or to adjust these rules to comply with any laws or appropriate rule making organizations. Wissel Homes also reserves the right to exclude any participant whom we feel is putting us or anyone in jeopardy, physical legal or otherwise. 

Unfortunately: We will also add, that this is a giveaway. We retain the right to exclude anyone from the giveaway/winnings for any reason. Please don’t make us do this. This statement is to ensure we will not be sued or attacked.

It is at the discretion of Wissel Homes to decide the legal, and financial path to claim and distribute the prize. (I.E. Wissel Homes may decide to create an LLC to claim and then distribute winnings to shield/protect the participants from publicity and legal action.) We will then start the process of preparing legal protections etc., for the winnings and outlays.  

Entry Eligibility:

By Facebook rules and restrictions. Anyone who has liked our post by the time of lottery drawing is an eligible participant. Reposting and Following are appreciated but not a requirement to win. 

Mega-Millions Tickets:

Tickets shown (50) in the post image are the tickets entries to the Friday Night Mega-Millions Lottery. To see full Mega-Millions rules, chances or winning, and details see Mega-Millions website. In short, the odds are astronomical, and you’re not gonna want to look at that tax bill. 

Sending Notice to Participants in the event of a win: In the astronomical event of a win. Wissel Homes will contact the participants through FB messenger to get full contact information. If the Jackpot is won, the ticket will be put in a safe location to be followed by careful legal and financial protections. The prize will not be claimed quickly, but rather in a planned and careful way. Don’t quit your day jobs…

Splitting the Prize:

In the event the top prize is indeed won by one of our entry tickets. Wissel Homes will take the entries it has received and assign each party a single “share” of the prize. This share may be assigned to one party and only one. In the event you would prefer to split this share, we would suggest placing your share within the name of an LLC to divide it per your wishes. Wissel Homes will retain 10 shares for family, charity and social organizations. We reserve the right to distribute additional shares. We will add up all of the eligible contest members and divide the prize amongst those shares. 

In the event that any smaller prize other than the “Jackpot” is won, Wissel Homes will retain said winnings for our next contest or to roll over in the event the Jackpot isn’t hit. 

Best of Luck to you. 

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