Are You Registered to Vote in the 2018 Primary Election?


Are you registered to Vote in the 2018 Primary Election? Are you absolutely sure? After all, there are lots of reasons you might not be. The biggest reason I often see is that if you have moved recently and assumed the Motor Vehicle Administration would update your voter id. 

The MVA has a not so great history of messing up voter registrations. But maybe you had difficulty finding your polling place last time? Did you vote a provisional ballot? Or perhaps you simply haven’t voted in a while… Or ever.

Whatever the reasons or causes, it never hurts to check that your voter information is correct. Here’s how you can find out. Go to the Maryland Board of Elections’ Voter Lookup and you can search by your name, date of birth and zip code. 

It will pull up your individual Voter Registration Record. You can see your polling place and the directions to it. It will show your voting district, candidates you can vote for, and a sample ballot. It will also show you the status of your absentee or provisional ballot. 

What If You’re Registered to Vote in the Wrong Place?

You can check your address, party affiliation and whether you need to show ID at the polling location. While Maryland does not require ID’s at polls, if you have moved into the state, or have changed something you may be required to show identification. 

You should try to change your information at least three weeks before the election. If you need to change your address or your party affiliation, you need to do it by June 15 at 9pm. You can change your voter information online. 

In addition you’ll be able to request an absentee ballot if you will be unable to vote in the primary. Finally, if you would like a voter registration card, you can request one as well. 

Volunteer and Participate in our Electoral Process

For many years I have volunteered as a chief election judge and am delighted to be a volunteer again this year. It’s a great way to watch Democracy in action, and to feel a powerful community connection. 

I encourage you to go out an vote this June 26. The last election showed us how close an election race can be – every vote really does count. 

Check out the Maryland State Board of Elections website, it’s a great resource. Especially if you are someone who has moved into the area since the last election. And even if you haven’t… You still might want to check that your voter information and polling location is correct.


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