Upgrade Your Garage Organization Before Winter Starts

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Perhaps you’ve already winterized your home, but did you remember your garage organization? Getting ready for cold and snow means a checklist of precautions so that you’ll be prepared. And, Ideally, you won’t have to address anything when other nature is at her worst. 

So today we’re going to touch on a few garage organization tips that can make your interaction with your garage as easy as possible. Because if you’d rather be binging on tv series than shoveling your walk, it’ll pay off to make your garage as easy and efficient as possible.

Insulate your Garage

Depending upon the location of your garage – how it’s attached, or unattached to your home – you may have little to no insulation. It’s a place builders and homeowners cut corners to save on costs. Unfortunately it can have a big effect on your utility bill, comfort level and ultimate usage of the space. 

Most garages are not designed to hold heat. Often the temperatures within a grade can be 20-30 degrees lower than your home. If your garage is unfinished, adding insulation and finishing the walls can literally change the game. Consider swapping out your garage door and the weatherstripping around it as well. 

The improvements can make your garage space much more livable. Additionally, if your garage is under bedrooms or finished heated space, you’ll find those rooms won’t get as cold. 

Upgrade with Floor Mats

Your garage floor gets the worst of the season – salt, water, ice, dirt and mud. Using synthetic mats to cover the floor can make clean up a breeze, and improve the temperature. The caustic liquids from cars and tools can eat away at a concrete floor. Protecting it can improve the look and lifespan of your garage. 

You can also consider epoxy floors or even the cheaper painted floor if your want to look at a cleaner surface. There are many different priced options out there to accomplish the job. 

Snowblower Landing Pad

Perhaps you have a wonderful snowblower that is the envy of your neighbors. Having a landing pad for it in your garage can absorb the ice water as it melts. These absorbent pads help the rest of your garage stay dry. You can keep your shovels and other melty winter toys there as well.

If you have an ATV, Snowmobile or even a lawnmower, these “parking spots can keep your space organized and clean. It helps you keep the mess in smaller controlled areas instead of everywhere and into the house. 

Garage Organization ~ Storage Storage Storage

Improving your storage capacity and organization is a great way to optimize your garage organization and squeeze as much out of every usable square inch. There are a number of great ways to get that done today. 

Install Shelving – There are lots of different type of shelving systems, racks, and sizing to meet almost every space imaginable. Simply moving things off the ground and onto shelves ca have a big impact on how you move through your garage.

Storage Systems – Don’t forget to consider your wall space and storage systems near the ceiling. Garages have lots of awkward space. Space that today’s storage systems look to maximize. Take a look at the systems out there to use the space over your garage doors, and more. 

Seasonal Storage

Having a space for seasonal stuff can help keep it under control and away. After all, you don’t want to keep tripping on summer pillows this winter, and you don’t want your Christmas lights to overwhelm you this Fourth of July. Designating certain areas, shelves or otherwise as defined holiday shelves can keep those things away and safe.

Organizing your space will help keep your garage clean, safe and organized this winter. After all, if winter is throwing its worst at us you don’t want to have to go out there unless you need. to. And if you have to go out, you’ll be able to do it quickly and efficiently so you can get back inside. 


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